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Q How do I make gorgeous guy notice me?
I'm 17 and fancy a boy in my class, I get butterflies whenever I see him. He flirts with lots of the other girls, but never talks to me. My friend says I'm quite pretty, but I don't think he's noticed me and I'm too shy to try and talk to him - what can you suggest? He doesn't seem to have a girlfriend...

Angie B.

A Mrs Robinson says...
Angie, have you considered that he might be shy too? He may find it easy putting on an act and flirting with the other girls, because he's not bothered whether they respond or not. Perhaps he just hasn't found the courage to strike up a conversation with you. Sometimes guys need a bit of encouragement, so you might have to make the first move! Try asking him if he'd mind taking a photo of you and your girlfriend, hold your phone out to him, so he's obliged to help you... make eye contact and smile. If he's interested, he'll be thankful for a chance to break the ice and a chat with him could keep those butterflies dancing! Good luck.

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Name: Liza

I think a subtle perfume will get you noticed and a smile - good luck


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