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Q I think I might be pregnant! What if i am?
My period is a week late and I'm scared I might be pregnant. I'm not on the pill and a few weeks ago, I got drunk at a party and woke up next to a boy I didn't even know. I have a steady boyfriend, but he always takes precautions - if he thought I was pregnant he'd know it couldn't be his. My life is a mess and I feel wretched all the time.

Izzy L

A Mrs Robinson says...
Hey Izzy, take a deep breath - you've got yourself so worked up about this, that you're not thinking clearly. You are probably worrying about something that hasn't happened. In the rest of the email you sent me, you say you don't remember any drunken fumbles at the party and the chances are, that you drank too much and passed out. The guy in the bed next to you, no doubt did the same, as you said he couldn't tell you what happened either. So to put your mind at rest, the first thing you need to do is pick up a pregnancy test-kit at a chemist and do the test. Many women can be late with their period, excessive dieting or worry alone can cause this and you've certainly done a lot of that lately.

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