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Hair & Beauty Tips & Secrets

The art of make-up is to enhance your features, without drawing attention to how it's done!

Kim Kardashian may be able to balance a champagne glass on her amazing derriere - but most of us would rather know the secret of her face contouring technique!

Tip: Kim's a beautiful woman, but she still embellishes the assets mother-nature bestowed upon her, by using a skilful blend of highlighting, bronzing and blending techniques to accentuate her sultry features.

• So how's it done? The secret is to apply a light reflecting highlighter to emphasise the brow bone area, beneath the eyebrows, also smooth some on the tops of your cheekbones and centre panel down the nose. Areas you want to sharpen and draw out.

• Then apply darker, bronze tones down the sides of the nose to slim and define it, low on the cheek bones for a chiselled look and along the edge of the jawbone, for a taut, shaped effect.

• Next, using soft cosmetic brushes and sponge tipped applicators, carefully blend in the tones until you see only the effect and not the pale and darker areas. Finish with a dusting of ultra fine face powder to check any shine.

• Add a flick of eyeliner and a little smokey shadow in the eyelid crease, plus a slick of lipstick and lip pencil. You'll be Selfie ready in no time!

• You can also boost your assets with a little shading work around the décolletage area too ;)

• Even the gorgeous Poldark actor Aiden Turner, had his impressive physique enhanced by the make-up lady (and who wouldn't kill for that job?!) his abs and arms sprayed with baby oil and a muscle honing shade or two of sooty bronzer… mmm...


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