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23rd Jul-22nd Aug

Mila Kunis - born 14th Aug 1983

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LEOS are strong-willed, majestic lions; proud and extrovert. You love being in charge, voicing your opinions and living life to the full. Thriving on drama and vivid experiences. You have a fiery strength that can be overwhelming, but your bravery makes you the first, to step forward in a difficult situation.

When your mind is set on a course of action, your stubbornness resists a change of direction. Highly vocal in all you do; over time, you come to realise that roaring loudly, only drowns out the quieter voice of reason.

Leos are gifted with natural vitality, a warm and generous heart, capable of great passion and loyalty.

Many Leos achieve celebrity status or gain distinction and recognition in the lives. You work well in a team, but really shine as a leader of the pack.

As a Leo, you have an innate sense of style and you dress to impress, accessorising with gold jewellery and a perfume that is indefinably ‘you’.

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