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20th Apr-20th May

David Beckham - born 2nd May 1975

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THE sign of the bull makes you strong-willed, but your easy-going, gentle manner softens your approach to getting the things you want out of life. You only feel able to enjoy life to the full, when you are emotionally and financially secure.

You are a worthy friend, steadfast, reliable, patient and with a heart of gold. Faithful and generous with your money and affections. Fun to be around and often the life and soul of the party.

Taureans have a bit of a reputation for being stubborn and you do have strong opinions. You resist change when something works well and don’t see a need to tinker with relationships or alter routines. That said; when roused and with a purpose in mind, you take yourplace alongside the many charismatic achievers who share your star sign.

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