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Born between
23rd Oct -21st Nov

Kendall Jenner - born 3rd Nov 1995

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NOT so much a sting in your Scorpio tail, as a coiled emotional and magnetic energy poised for release. You can be assertive and critical of yourself and others. Your strong sense of loyalty and justice, means you find it hard to let go of past hurts and betrayals.

You need clear direction and career paths. While in relationships, you like to know where it’s all leading and the zig-zag path of true romance, is sometimes a bit of a mystery to you. Losing control of your emotions can leave you feeling vulnerable, but with the right soul-mate, having the courage to let go, will reveal your deepest and most passionate self.

Scorpios have hypnotic eyes and a charismatic personality, you attract attention and enjoy it, but on your own terms. You are a master of reinventing yourself, never afraid to try new fashion trends or undergo a transforming hair and style make-over.

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