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Tips & Secrets - Be yourself, but different!

Hey girls, you don't have to go blonde
or brunette to get noticed. Subtle changes
to your everyday beauty regime,
can really pay off.

Top Tattoo's and Body Art

Inking nearly always means the recipient will have endured a degree of pain during the application process.

Love them or hate them, either way, they do warrant admiration

Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others, such as the neck and bony areas.
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How to lose weight and regain curves in the right places!

Just a few simple changes to your routine, can really pay off. Tips for shedding a few pounds and toning up are only a click away!

Smooth, hair free skin...

Tired of shaving stubble and messy wax treatments? Not all hair removal was created equal! Tips to stay hair free for upto six weeks!
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No money for a salon treatment? Try our quick fixes..

How to stop your nails looking yellow after prolonged use of nail polish. A French manicure within touching distance.

Hey there hot lips - Kiss and tell!

How to have the ultimate kissable lips. Enhance the shape and fullness with easy make-up secrets.

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The secret of Kim Kardashian's face contouring

Find out how to enhance your features and face shape, without drawing attention to how it's done!

Say goodbye to frizzy hair...

Follow our tips for sleek, glossy, manageable hair. Its easier than you think!

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