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Born between
22nd Nov -21st Dec

Miley Cyrus - born 23rd Nov 1992

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YOU are one of the most sociable and outgoing signs in the zodiac. Your circle of friends, enjoy your company and you love all forms of expression. Whether it’s chatting on your mobile for hours, meeting up for a coffee or partying the night away. The art of communication comes naturally to you and many of you are singers, actors, writers and teachers. Sagittarians delight in words… whether it’s reading a bestseller or writing one.

You are also strong willed, faithful and trustworthy. Balancing an acute desire to try new experiences and places - with the need for a settled and secure safe haven; to share with someone who takes your heart by storm. Born under the sign of the archer, you aim straight to the point and keep your eye on the target.

You enjoy pushing the boundaries in everything you do, then stand back and delight in the effect you have on others. You are insatiably curious and impulsive, frank and quick-witted. Sometimes putting your foot in your mouth with the odd tactless remark, whereas Miley C. just stick’s her tongue out!

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