Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles

Let’s go Celebrity watching to find the latest hair trends

The stars of stage and screen are the trendsetters that we all love to follow. They have the pick of the best stylists to create their new cuts and colours. Reinvention is the name of the game, mixing up their looks and working the red carpet to the max.

Even the glitterati don’t always get it right! The all seeing camera lens, has been known to capture dark roots and the occasional hairspray overkill. While some celebrities including Rihanna, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, change their style and colour so often, our heads are left in a spin.

However, every now and again, there’s a style that takes the world by storm, everyone loves it and wants it. Hairstyles like “The Rachel” Jennifer Aniston, “The Pob” Victoria Beckham, “The Paltrow” Gwyneth’s signature look. Even Johnny Depp’s Captain Sparrow inspired a flurry of beaded, plaited, outrageously unruly styles and smudgy kohl eye make-up…. Savvy!!

Here’s our pick of the movers and shakers…. with a few of the old favourites too.