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Cheryl - born 30th Jun 1983

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CANCERIANS are represented by the sign of the crab and you do sometimes appear to have a protective, shell around you. However, this is only to protect your sensitive and vulnerable side from people who don’t understand just how soft and emotional you really are.

Those close to you, know that you become very attached to people, places and memories. You revel in nostalgia and your childhood shapes you as an adult, perhaps more than any other star sign.

You can be inclined to miss current opportunities, because you’re still thinking of the past. Dwelling on failed relationships won’t help to develop new ones.

Cancerians can find it hard to be direct - in a nod to the crab again - you do prefer to approach things from an angle or sideways!

When you decide what it is you want out of life, your loyalty, commitment and strength of character are inspiring.

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