Gemini Horoscope

Born between
21st May-20th Jun

Kylie Minogue - born 28th May 1968

Your Gemini Horoscope for today...

THE sign of the twins and in some ways you are like two people. When you’re nice, you’re an angel and when you’re bad… well anything can happen.

You enjoy the good things in life - treating yourself and your loved ones to little luxuries and special occasions. You can be unpredictable, you’re friends and family never quite know what mood they’ll find you in, but luckily the goodtime gal far outweighs the sulky one.

Gemini’s have a zest for life and enjoy trying new things. You are just as happy buying high-end boutique fashion as you are looking for bargains at carboots and markets.

Your birth-sign is one of the most youthful of all the zodiac signs - and your energy leaves others standing! Your childlike search for the next interesting experience, compels you forward, as you hate feeling bored. Your perfect partner, is someone who’ll share your rollercoaster ride through life and laugh and cry with you along the way.

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