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They're with us through the good times and the bad. Hanging on our arms even when there's no 'fella' to rival them for looks and sheer kerb appeal, the pleasure that is... a gorgeous new handbag.

How do men manage without our shiny, statement, must-have accessories? We colour co-ordinate our bags and outfits, a well-heeled woman will effortlessly work the matching bag and shoe look.

Handbags speak volumes and like Dr Who's Tardis, most are much bigger on the inside than the outside! Fashion houses have had to up their game, in the light of the wider smart phones nestling in our bags, internal pockets are being resized to accommodate mobiles and allow easy access.

Clutch bags, evening bags, grab bags and shoulder bags, there's one for every occasion and fashionista mood. A rainbow of colours and fabrics, our boutique gallery will feed your fantasies...


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