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Discover ukher’s zodiac guide to your personality and inner thoughts. Astrological myth or potent force that shapes your life and future?

You only have to look at some of the famous names born under the 12 zodiac signs, to find truth in the character traits and life choices of our favourite celebrities.

Because these big names share the same astrological influences as us, we feel a certain empathy and fascination with the way they channel this mystical energy in their lives. Sometimes responding instinctively, according to their star sign, just like we do.

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The Fire Signs      Enthusiastic, assertive, self-confident and courageous.
21 Mar-19 April
23 Jul-22 Aug
22 Nov-21 Dec
The Air Signs      Freedom loving, intellectual, analytical and elusive.

21 May-20 June

23 Sep-22 Oct

20 Jan-18 Feb
The Earth Signs      Down-to-earth, solid, practical, materialistic achievers.

20 Apr-20 May

23 Aug-22 Sep

22 Dec-19 Jan
The Water Signs      In tune with emotions, imaginative with strong feelings.

21 Jun-22 July

23 Oct-21 Nov

19 Feb-20 Mar

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