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Q How do I make gorgeous guy notice me?
I'm 17 and fancy a boy in my class, I get butterflies whenever I see him. He flirts with lots of the other girls, but never talks to me. My friend says I'm quite pretty, but I don't think he's noticed me and I'm too shy to try and talk to him - what can you suggest? He doesn't seem to have a girlfriend...

Angie B.

A Mrs Robinson says...
Angie, have you considered that he might be shy too? He may find it easy putting on an act and flirting with the other girls, because he's not bothered whether they respond or not. Perhaps he just hasn't found the courage to strike up a conversation with you. Sometimes guys need a bit of encouragement, so you might have to make the first move! Try asking him if he'd mind taking a photo of you and your girlfriend, hold your phone out to him, so he's obliged to help you... make eye contact and smile. If he's interested, he'll be thankful for a chance to break the ice and a chat with him could keep those butterflies dancing! Good luck.
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Q My boyfriend earns a lot more than me?
My boyfriend thinks I should pay half on our dates, but he earns twice as much...Am I being unreasonable, to want to be treated to a night out now and then or to ask him to contribute more to the rent on our flat? I don't like to make a fuss, or sound like I'm moaning, but it is causing friction between us...

Sara J.

A Mrs Robinson says...
Hi Sara, the old phrase "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" comes to mind here! Your other half's rigid approach to his pennies is unlikely to change. Fellas seem to be born either generous or tight and if he's had money worries in the past, or relationships that have cost him emotionally and financially, he will be wary of making the same mistakes again. You don't say if he has the upkeep of a car to pay for. If he is responsible for all outgoings associated with keeping a motor on the road for the two of you; then splitting other expenses between you, doesn't sound quite as unreasonable. Weigh up the pros and cons, being careful with money could mean he's a dependable sort, not prone to gambling. However, if you're looking for someone who buys you a gift, just because he thought you'd like it... then you may have to call 'time' on your current relationship, before it costs you more than money!
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Q My twin sister fancies my boyfriend?
I'm blonde, slim and quite trendy. My boyfriend is really fit and totally gorgeous. "So?" I hear you asking: "what's the problem?" ... well the problem is my twin sister, she looks identical to me and she fancies him too! I've caught her flirting with him, standing way too close and she is much more confident than I am, she always seems to make him laugh or get him to talk about things. She recently admitted that she can't stop thinking about him. How can I be sure I won't lose him? He's very attentive at the moment, but I dread it all going wrong. Please help..

Maisie H

A Mrs Robinson says...
It can be difficult being an identical female twin, when it comes to fancying boys and having relationships. I think you can rest assured that your boyfriend has made his choice between two cute, blonde twins. While you and your sister look alike, your personalities are likely to be very different and you have to remember that he picked you. He's being extra attentive just now, because he may sense that you feel uneasy about your sister's overt play for him. Her confidence and lack of respect for you, will probably be a turn off for him. My advice is to reduce the number of opportunities for your sister to see him. If he calls to pick you up, make sure you're ready to go out. Don't tell your sister where he's taking you and try going back to his place more often. Plan a holiday or weekend away together and sooner or later, she'll get the message that he's not interested in anyone except you.
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Q I think I might be pregnant! What if i am?
My period is a week late and I'm scared I might be pregnant. I'm not on the pill and a few weeks ago, I got drunk at a party and woke up next to a boy I didn't even know. I have a steady boyfriend, but he always takes precautions - if he thought I was pregnant he'd know it couldn't be his. My life is a mess and I feel wretched all the time.

Izzy L

A Mrs Robinson says...
Hey Izzy, take a deep breath - you've got yourself so worked up about this, that you're not thinking clearly. You are probably worrying about something that hasn't happened. In the rest of the email you sent me, you say you don't remember any drunken fumbles at the party and the chances are, that you drank too much and passed out. The guy in the bed next to you, no doubt did the same, as you said he couldn't tell you what happened either. So to put your mind at rest, the first thing you need to do is pick up a pregnancy test-kit at a chemist and do the test. Many women can be late with their period, excessive dieting or worry alone can cause this and you've certainly done a lot of that lately.
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