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23rd Aug -22nd Sep

Beyonce Knowles - born 4th Sept 1981

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VIRGOANS have an affinity with the pure aspects of life. The clarity of a piece of music, the beauty of unspoilt countryside, the joy of a love that stays true and uncompromising.

Your attention to detail and search for perfection knows no bounds and may sometimes make friends and lovers feel they have fallen short. But you are only visualising how good your shared future could be, with a little extra effort to help those relationships flourish.

Reliable and honest, you have an inner strength with an natural ability to nurture. A complex mix, Virgoans can be critical, prudish and worriers, but sometimes your sensuality takes over and you just need to express your more uninhibited, wilder side. This freedom to reconcile the many facets of your star sign brings with it great passion and a sense of achievement.

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