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If you wear nail polish a lot, you may find your nails start to take on a yellowish tinge

How to lose weight and regain curves in the right places!

• Tip: To help with this problem, first remove all your old nail polish.
• Next, soak your nails in undiluted lemon juice for five minutes.
• Buff the surface of your nails before rinsing and drying thoroughly.
• Then paint a coat of clear varnish on your nails and allow to dry.
• You can then add your favourite coloured polish on top.
• If you follow this simple routine, your nails will improve as the clear base coat helps protect your nails from the strong coloured polishes that cause discolouration.
• Soon you will even be able to show off a French Manicure, as your nails look healthy with white tips and nude polish.
•Don't forget those toes, give them the same treatment and you'll feel like you just stepped out of a nail bar.


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