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Born between
20th Jan-18th Feb

Harry Styles - born 1st Feb 1994

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THE SIGN of the water bearer and you have a natural fluidity of movement. A “go with the flow” approach to life. Aquarians have an unpredictability about them. Your feelings and aims can change quickly. Sometimes you long for close intimate relationships and other times, you feel the need to pull away and be alone.

Like the ebb and flow of the tide, this is the natural rhythm of your life. Loved ones will grow to understand your drifting moods and affinity with freedom.

You have an individualistic approach to life. Trying and testing everything for yourself - frequently rejecting “the norm”. A rebel who can change the world with a flash of brilliance. You are extremely adaptable to whatever life throws at you. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, you mask it well, determined to front it out and turn things around to your advantage. Keeping everyone on their toes, you are a compelling force of nature.

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