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23rd Sep -22nd Oct

Kim Kardashian - born 21st Oct 1980

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THE sign of the scales and that’s the ‘weigh’ you are! Librans have an innate sense of fairness and if you could have a chance to sort the whole world out, you’d say ‘bring it on’ !

Making decisions can be a source of much soul searching for you. Like the scales of your star sign, you balance the pros and cons of most things. You have a natural empathy with people and flourish gifted with such popularity. Frequently health conscious, part of a need to find the right dietary balance.

A sensitive soul, you sometimes take things too much to heart and when you fall in love, it will last for eternity.

You seek balance, harmony and perfection in all you do. You hate noise and love music. Clutter annoys you, but you find excuses to avoid tidying as you don’t like throwing things away. You are intellectual and artistic, you see the beauty of sunsets and joy in the intricacy of a daisy.

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