Punk Hairstyles

Punk is a free form of expression, worn as a badge of rebellious honour. With deep roots in the 1970's, it still has a cult following. Versatile in both style and naming convention, Punk can be described as Glam, Street, Gypsy, Garage, Celtic, Hardcore and many more, defined by the chosen fashion or music preference of the individual.

Colours range from neon pinks, electric blues, orangey reds, to jet black and snow white. Eye make-up is liberally applied and can continue into the hairline and beyond. Multiple piercings are used to punctuate the look. Hairstyles vary from gravity defying Mohawks and spikes, to shaven sides and long asymmetric fringes. Modern takes on the look are cropped and razor sharp, multi-tonal with a hint of home colouring...

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